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'KORTA' Closed Joint-Stock Company has been operating at power engineering enterprises, communal services, metallurgical and chemical facilities since 1994.

We possess modern production facilities and employ highly qualified personnel. We perform design, construction and repair works of buildings and tall houses. And our chief business is construction and reconstruction of industrial chimneys:

  • ferroconcrete chimneys with the height of up to 320 m;
  • brick chimneys;
  • metal single-barreled chimneys - metal self-supporting chimneys and chimneys reinforced with metal bracing, single-barreled and multi-barreled chimneys in metal gantry;
  • construction and reconstruction of gas flues, cooling towers;
  • dismantling of all types of tall houses.

We are in the mood for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Voronezhskaja 5 ( lit. A ), Saint-Petersburg, 191023, Russia, phone/fax: +7 (812) 77 - 77 - 202 ; e-mail: